Destop Vapes/Electronic Rigs

  • Ispire The Wand

    Ispire The Wand

    The Wand  Welcome to the dabbing revolution. Our sleek portable eNail dab kit includes the first ever eNail to use induction heating. It gives you the power to select your desired temperature for the perfect dabbing experience every time. With The...

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  • WXM-ARES-Dab Rig

    WXM-ARES-Dab Rig

    Ares Portable Dab Rig  Instant Heat Up, Pocket Size, Detachable Mouthpiece  Product Features: 1 × Ares electric dab rig (full set)1 × Backup coil-less quartz atomizers1 × Dab tool1 ×...

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  • Rig in One| RIO Rig Kit

    Rig in One| RIO Rig Kit

    RIO | Stache Rig in One Designed for portability and convenience. The RiO Matte is great for at home and on the go use. Powered by combustion through the use of a torch, there is no need for batteries, coils, or anything electronic when it comes to...

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  • ELC-OOZ-Comet


    Silver Ooze Comet Kit Solar Hits on the Go! Leave the atmosphere with this portable eRig. Available in both Black and Chrome, the Ooze Comet eRig is the perfect handheld dabbing tool for those of you looking for something quick, lightweight and easy...

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  • X-ENail Dab Rig

    X-ENail Dab Rig

    EXNail Dab Rig Black Or Silver 1 x X-Enail Battery Base 1 x Glass Attachment 1 x Ceramic Cup 1 x Quart Cup 1 x Titanium Cup 1 x Loading Tool & Cap 1 x Silicone Storage Container 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x User Manual With a built in 1500mAh...

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    Carta Focus V Portable e-rig with desktop performance Comfortable, ergonomic design Uses rechargeable batteries for true portability Includes quartz and titanium atomizers 4 out-of-the-box temperature presets Temperature control to the single degree...

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