Portable Vapes

  • Yocan The One

    Yocan The One

    Yocan The One Water Bubbler Mouthpiece Grade 2 Titanium Nail 10 Seconds of Continuous Heat Battery Capacity:  650mAhThe One from Yocan is their first entry into nectar collector and wax pen hybrids. In the kit is a 510 threaded titanium...

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  • Honey Dew Cyber Stick

    Honey Dew Cyber Stick

    Honey Dew Cyber Stick Cyber Stick  One Push Heating  Water Percolator  Ceramic Tip  Sleek One Piece Body Design  Device Stand Included  Compatible with Bong or Rig  Kit Includes: Device Stand  Cyber...

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  • Wulf Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 Vaporizer

    Wulf Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 Vaporizer

    Yocan Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 Vaporizer  Variable Voltage Battery Integrated Silicone Jar Three Modes: Dab Pen, Dab Rig, Nectar Collector Quartz Dual Coil Quartz Triple Coil XTAL Tip The Evolve Maxxx 3 in 1 can be used as a dab rig attachment for when...

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  • ELC-Yocan-Uni


    Yocan Uni  Product Features: 10 Sec Preheat Pass-Through Charging 650mAh Battery Adjustable Voltage Adjustable Cartridge Holder up to 12mm Adjustable Height Level Window Magnetic 510 Thread Adapter

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  • ELC-Yocan-Lit


    Yocan Lit 1 x Yocan LIT 1 x Extra Coil  1 x Magnetic Adapter  1 x Pick Tool  1 x USB Cable  1 x Instructions Manual The Yocan Lit is the latest vaporizer kit from Yocan. Yocan Lit is an updated device for wax vapors. Yocan Lit...

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  • ELC-Yocan-Hive 2.0

    ELC-Yocan-Hive 2.0

    Yocan Hive 2.0 2 Wax Atomizers for Juice and Wax Compact and Portable Leak-Proof Design Quartz Coil Magnetic Connection Voltage Adjustable (Low/Medium/High) Window View for Juice/Wax Level USB Charging Available in Different Colors

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  • ELC-Yocan-Evolve Plus XL

    ELC-Yocan-Evolve Plus XL

    Yocan Evolve Plus XL  Quad Coil Quartz Atomizer USB Charging Adjustable Airflow Coil Cap 1400mAh Battery Built-In Dual Compartment Wax Jar Detachable Hanging Ring The Evolve Plus XL is a dab pen unit from premier vaporizer...

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  • ELC-Yocan-Evolve


    Yocan Evolve Functional Coil Cap Dual Quartz Coil 10-Second Continuous Use Very Portable 650mAh batter Yocan Evolve Vaporizer is a very slim wax pen that features awesome functionalities. This dab pen has a dual quartz coil that promotes...

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  • ELC-Yocan-Armor


    Yocan Armor 380mAh Battery Capacity QDC Technology 10-Second Pre-Heat Function Preset Temperature Profiles Fast USB Charging Inclusive Dab Tool The Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate was purposefully built with the on-the-go...

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    Wolf UNI-S Universal Cartridge Vaporizer Adjustable Opening Height Adjustment Variable Voltage Zinc Alloy Outer Shell Wulf UNI S Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer by Wulf Mods Powered by Yocan. A successor to the original Wulf UNI, this upgrade delivers...

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    Wulf Uni Pro Universal Cartridge Vaporizer by Yocan Variable Voltage Variable Diameter Adjustment Cartridge Height Adjustment The Yocan Uni Pro is the update on the blockbuster Yocan Uni cartridge battery mod and now our friends at Wulf Mods have put...

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    Uni Adjustable Cartridge Vaporizer by Wulf Mods Variable Diameter Opening Adjustable Cartridge Height Magnetic 510 Thread Drop And Go Connector

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    Wulf Micro Plus cartridge Vaporizer Accommodates up to 14mm Cartridges  4 Voltage Settings Micro USB Charging  Various Colors The Wulf Micro Plus by Wulf Mods is an innovative portable vaporizer that was designed to produce an incredible...

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    Wulf Next Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer by Wulf Mods Haptic Feedback  30 Second Heat Up Time  5 Temp Settings  Magnetic Mouthpiece  USB Charger  Various Colors Introducing the incredible, portable Wulf Next by Wulf Mods. The next...

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  • ELC-WULF-Evolve Plus XL

    ELC-WULF-Evolve Plus XL

    Evolve Plus XL Concentrate Vaporizer by Wulf Mods Magnetic Mouthpiece Connection Adjustable Airflow QUAD Coil Technology Removable Silicone Jar Wulf Mods and Yocan are at it again, with 6 New Special Edition Evolve Plus XL that are as stylish as you...

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  • ELC-WULF-Evolve Plus

    ELC-WULF-Evolve Plus

    Evolve Plus Concentrate Vaporizer by Wulf Mods Dual Quartz, Triple Quartz, and Ceramic Donut Coil Options Micro USB Charging Built In Dab Jar Wulf Mods teams up with Yocan to bring new splatter paint style to the Evolve Plus Wax Pen that everyone...

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  • LKH-Seahorse-Pro


    Seahorse Pro LOOKAH Seahorse PRO is the second generation of Seahorse dab pens. It looks like a mini electric nectar collector kit.The dab battery is a 510 thread battery variable voltage, so you can change the voltage between 3.2V, 3.6V, 4.1V, and it...

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  • ELC-OOZ- Slim Pro Twist

    ELC-OOZ- Slim Pro Twist

    Slim Twist Pro FEATURES: Ooze 320 mAh Battery Metallic gold finish Preheat mode Adjustable Voltage: 3.3V - 4.8V 15-Second Hold Time Fits all 510 Thread  USB Smart Charger Smart USB Rapid Charge  Auto Safety Shut off  Preserves...

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