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  • Yocan Evolve-D

    The Evolve-D is designed with concision in mind. This pen-style shaped vaporizer comes with a quite comfortable size, small and exquisite, take this portable unit to enjoy your convenient vaping days. The Evolve-D was also built with a dual-purpose cap. You can press this cap to either remove the dry herb ashes or push the product down for even heat distribution.

    • Dry Herb Chamber
    • 650mAH Battery
    • Dual Purpose Cap


  • Yocan iShred

    The iShred leaves its competitors behind with its unique built-in grinder feature. The 2 compartment (3 piece) metal grinder is easy to use and built to last. A simple twist grinds your herbs into a fine powder, perfect for vaporizing.

    The hand storage container collects all the super fine herbs that fall through and stores it for use. It’s compact and designed for easy gripping.