RP-119 RAW Natural Paper Cones 1ct

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RAW Natural Paper Cones 1ct

Product Features

  • 280mm long – 12″ Long
  • 1 Cone Per Pack
  • 15 Packs per Display
  • Features CrissCross even-burning watermark
  • Gum strip made of purest hemp gum


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RAW – “This was the first time we decided to elevate the whole smoking community.  I wish there was enough space here to tell you the whole funny story of when we decided to launch 1-foot cones into the world.  Everyone thought we were crazy, and they were all correct!  The RAW Supernatural Cone is a full 1-footer!  It’s difficult to smoke – but that’s not the point of it!  Just pack it not too tight and keep it tilted up, then enjoy the experience with a group of good friends.  That’s what it’s all about!”

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