• The ORAFLEX Spoon Pipe

    Eyce Oraflex Spoon

    The ORAFLEX Spoon Pipe is the debut accessory from Eyce’s new stylish and durable ORAFLEX series. ORAFLEX (Overmolded Rubber Art) spoon pipes feature 2 layers of platinum-cured silicone, with...

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  • Eyce Solo

    Eyce Solo

    Eyce Solo The Eyce Solo was crafted so you're completely prepared for anything. It features a material storage compartment, a borosilicate glass taster, steel poker, and a tool holder in a compact...

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  • Eyce Mini Beaker

    Eyce Mini Beaker

    Eyce Mini Beaker The Eyce Mini Beaker is the ultimate compact, silicone water pipe. Touting many of the same features of the Eyce Beaker, the Mini Silicone Beaker is roughly half the size with all...

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  • Eyce Sidecar

    Eyce Sidecar

    The Eyce Sidecar truly breaks the barrier between glass and silicone and sets the stage for the perfect silicone sidecar rig for sale on the market. The rotating neck allows users to adjust...

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  • SLE-07-Shorty


    Eyce Silicone Shorty Chillum 10ct box The Eyce Shorty is the unbreakable one hitter you’ve been looking for. With our proprietary snap-in glass bowl design, the bowl can easily be removed for...

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  • Eyce Spoon

    Eyce Spoon

    Eyce Spoon   The silicone spoon pipe for sale is a part of the smoker's arsenal like the katana sword to a ninja. Every smoker has one, but you'll be the first in the crew to have one like this...

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  • Eyce Rig 2.0

    Eyce Rig 2.0

    ABOUT THE EYCE RIG II The Eyce Rig II is a sturdier upgrade to the original Eyce Rig. Constructed from Eyce’s classic platinum-cured silicone, the newest version of the Eyce Rig features a...

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  • Eyce Beaker

    Eyce Beaker

    In a market flooded with options, we knew we needed to create something extraordinary in order to stand out. With features like a large hidden jar, rolling tray, magnetic ring lighter holder,...

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